Sobha Royal Crest

By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Roya Crest continues to be the address of luxury.

Near Sevakshetra Hospital, Vinayakanagar, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560050
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Sobha Royal Crest - Master Plan

A master plan is a sizable 3D graphic that shows us exactly where the buildings, homes, and other amenities will be located on the property. This clearly demonstrates the arrangement of the towers, the area set aside for flora, open space, the clubhouse, and other units situated in the surrounding areas. This provides a detailed description of the whole project’s structure. We may anticipate seeing a picture of the finished product in this master plan.

In Banashankari, the Sobha Royal Crest luxury residential apartment complex provides us with the highest quality of life. The community has undergone the most growth in terms of infrastructure and connectivity. The fact that this project is being developed by Sobha Limited is still another important benefit. It is well-known for its exceptional quality, prompt deliveries, creative themes, and abundant amenities.

A master plan is a written or digital document that depicts the placement of each component of a project. It is for early access so that we can plan ahead and avoid any rework. If the project includes numerous towers, the blueprint will include every aspect. It helps the clients grasp or comprehend the project by providing a better understanding.

A accurate and well-planned 2D design of the Sobha Royal Crest Master Plan tells us where each component on the property is located. It will display how far the clubhouse, pick-up locations, and children’s play area are from our ideal home.

Along with other facilities, it contains a walking/jogging track, uninterruptible power supply, parking for cars, and a 24-hour water supply. Additionally, Sobha Royal Crest will have efficient sewage and rainwater collection systems. Most significantly, it will offer top-notch protection for residents, complete with gated communities, 24-hour police presence, large activity zones connected to CCTV, and a 24/7 security monitoring system.